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Facebook Password Decryptor: Recover Facebook Password

Facebook Password Decryptor is a password recovering utility for Facebook login password, the most popular social networking site. At times it happens that we forget the password and are unable to login due to the same reason.  Facebook Password Decryptor comes handy in such scenario as it recovers the facebook password stored by web browsers or messengers.

With Facebook Password Decryptor, you can also save the password list to HTML/TEXT file for transferring to other system.

Facebook Decryptor tool also comes with portable version, which will let you use the application without installing it.
The application is very well compatible with all the main browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and messengers like Paltalk and Miranda Messenger. It can easily show you all the accounts stored in these browsers or messengers.
Facebook Password Decryptor comes with a file size of 1.89MB and runs well in Windows XP, Vista and Windows7.
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Alexander William said...

It's amazingly working for me.Thank you dear.

Robert Connor said...

Great Software.Thanks

Rodney Hacker said...

Crazy thread, awsome, love it. Must have taken you a while to get everything in place. Thank you so much.

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